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Bob Moore Prototypes ...

technology portfolio

  • CNC machining
  • working prototypes
  • concept models
  • exhibition / displays
  • packaging
  • architectural models
  • 3d CAD
  • interiors
  • vacuum casting
  • sculptural models

Bob Moore Prototypes have the expertise to develop your products quickly, efficiently and to budget.

We have many years of experience and the aptitude to produce high quality components for all industries in all materials.

Our broad knowledge and understanding of production processes for plastics and metals gives us a 'real feel' in prototyping your product. We are therefore able to choose a development route that suits your requirement, not just one solution for all problems

With an engineering and design background we have the combination of 'feet firmly attached to reality' and 'blue sky thinking'

It is vitally important for continued growth that manufacturing companies continue to develop new, or improve existing products. However, production time is precious and down-time costly, because of that it is often better to develop products away from the manufacturing base.

Bob Moore Prototypes has continuously invested in CNC machinery and skills which allows us to quickly resolve problems in product development and to then machine components in foams, plastics and metals.

We have several on going low volume production components that we constantly produce for companies with diverse requirements. If your requirement is outside of the norm, we can help to make it happen.

Development of new products include the following services:

  • Modelmaking for Exhibition and Architectural Displays
  • Product Launch Modelmaking
  • Vacuum Forming Tools and Formings for development and production
  • Vacuum Casting for precise moulded prototypes
  • Injection Mould Tools in aluminium
  • Assembly and finishing of production parts
  • Precision Machining and Polishing of Lenses and Lightpipes
  • 3D SolidWorks Modelling
  • Rapid Prototyping of Stereo Lithography and Selective Laser Sintered components
  • Individual Furniture Pieces

To reflect our engineering background and as a commitment to future product development Bob Moore Models Ltd will now trade as Bob Moore Prototypes

We would be pleased to help to develop your new products so please call on 0118 977 2914

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